Journeyman Project Dispatches from the Life of Patrick Fowler: Christianity Explored

My Ministry Resume

For anyone who is curious to know my ministry experience, I have compiled a short list of that service. If you would like the full list, feel free to download it here.

I desire to use and refine my creative, managerial and relational skills, spiritual gifts, and passion for excellence to enhance the overall mission and vision of a ministry. I love to teach and to pastor, and it is my desire to minister to people in both the easy and hard times they experience. I treasure the opportunity to counsel, perform weddings and funerals, and execute other pastoral responsibilities. I am very passionate about intentional, measured discipleship programs where church members are equipped and then moved into areas to serve on a regular basis, and hope to help refine and support such a program in a church. My heart is to serve the community through efforts that both serve people’s needs and present the gospel in a compelling way. I hope to be a part of a ministry that is boldly drawing people into the family of Christ. I love married life, and hope to play a key role in preparing people for marriage, as well as encouraging and equipping married men and women in their current relationships.

Childhood:     I was raised in a Christian home as part of a holiness church tradition since my birth. My mother and father were excellent examples of good parenting and Christian moral values. They supported me and taught me to live a disciplined, moral life.

Conversion:    I connected with the gospel message when I was eleven. I clearly understood the fact that my sin was separating me from God, and I desired to have a relationship with Him more than anything. I prayed to receive Christ at Easter—and was propelled into a dynamic relationship with Him, reading, praying, and journaling from that early age.

Calling:    In high school my desire to pursue soccer and relationships created tension in my relationship with Christ. That tension led me to a place where I felt a clear calling upon my life to pursue the work of the ministry. When I began considering my career path, the only thing that really thrilled me was working alongside the Lord as He changed lives.

Marriage:    Stacy and I have been married since 2004. She is my college sweetheart and my best friend as well as a very intelligent, hard-working co-laborer with me in the ministry. She shares my passion for developing others which encourages and equips me in my ministry. She currently ministers as a registered nurse in a hospital setting.

Interests:     I am a disciplined athlete. I enjoy a regular running and biking schedule, and I enter Triathlon competitions on a regular basis. I am a technical geek, who enjoys working with computers in every respect. I never ask IT for help, because I am the IT help at the majority of my jobs.

Ministry Highlights:

  • A decade of experience working in ministry as an intern, a volunteer, a deacon, a chaplain, and a jack of all trades.
  • Four full years of experience leading in small group environments with both single and married couples.
  • Participated in four mission trips outside of the U.S., including leading my recent trip to Slovakia.
  • Undergraduate education at Liberty University includes Greek language, Bible Exposition, Theology, Old and New Testament backgrounds, and Moral Dilemmas/Ethics courses in addition to my business degree.
  • Currently enrolled as a full-time student at Dallas Theological Seminary in the Th.M program.

Education: Dallas Theological Seminary
Church History (1 year)
New Testament Greek (3 years)
Biblical Hebrew (3 years)
Thesis: The Use of the Prophet Amos in the Book of Acts

Education: Liberty University
New Testament  Greek
Inductive Bible Study Methods
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Theology Survey
Moral Dilemmas I & II
Degree: Bachelors of Business Management

Selected Academic Papers:
Joseph and His Brothers (download here)