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Excellent Marriage Counsel – The Song of Solomon – Tom Nelson

I first heard Tom Nelson a decade ago, when I attended his conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. No lie, I was told by one of the campus pastors that I was the world's biggest fool if I did not attend the conference--it was an extreme statement--but it was worthwhile. The conference definitely reprogrammed me for a godly future relationship with Stacy, who also attended that conference. I am incredibly grateful that I took the time to go.

Still today, I pass the audio from that conference on. It is incredibly helpful to people in every stage of relationships: dating, married, considering divorce, even divorced. I highly recommend the conference to you too. I am grateful that this resource--one of the best I have found, is available to the world for free. Denton Bible has not, and does not sell material to make a profit, from what I have seen. Here's the link, along with some key notes from the message, The Art of Conflict, from that series.

  • Don’t react to your spouse, respond to God.
  • Can’t love your spouse? Not as a friend. Not as an outsider. Love them as an enemy.
  • What you do in marriage effects EVERYTHING else. Your family, your friendships, your success at work. God sees that your private life affects the public.
  • God can’t deal with your spouse if you are trying to punish, manipulate, or insult them. Doing so would add too much legitimacy to your actions—and he is not about tearing down, he is about building up.

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