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You might know Biblical Hebrew and Greek if…

If you had grown up in the Puritan colony of Boston during the days it was a British colony, you would have entered Grammar school between age six and eight, already having learned to read and write English. Grammar school would have added three languages to your skillset in seven years: Latin, Biblical Hebrew, and Biblical (Koine) Greek.

By the time you went to ‘college’ at FOURTEEN or SIXTEEN, you would be proficient in these languages…why? Because those were the languages that the important books were written in! You needed to be able to interact with the scholars of the past and present, much like I would have to learn German and French to pursue a Ph.D. today.

More importantly, you were taught skills to teach yourself, rather than loaded with information to forget later. The same education prepared you to apprentice as a doctor, pastor, or lawyer. If you could think, then you would succeed.

This is not the philosophy of education I feel that I grew up under, how about you?

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