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Video – Prestonwood Baptist Church

The church Stacy and I are a part of is not a trend-setter for the new generation, but it is an example of a church that balances outreach and discipleship in the love of Christ, one that is unified with hundreds of other churches in missions work, and one that has the eye and ears of much of the world each Sunday morning. I am proud to be a part of Prestonwood, and I hope you will watch and enjoy their 2008 year in review.

Year in Review - Prestonwood Baptist Church

Don't miss their page of testimonies either:

Let me also mention, that while Prestonwood is often known more for it's size, than for it's ministry, it does a great job at making the huge church feel like a small town. It works hard to make it's Bible classes very relational, and it has a food court which creates a VERY relational atmosphere for its members with reflects the original communion of believers in the early church.

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