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Things Mass Effect has in common with Church and the Spiritual Life

I am a sucker for an epic story...especially one that you can interact with to determine the conclusion. Hence my love of Mass Effect. And while I slowly work my way through the episodes of the latest release as my reward for hours spent in the study of Hebrew and Greek, I find myself with many intriguing connections between the game and the spiritual life. Here are a few of my conclusions:

One Strategy is Poor Strategy

Just as the Mass Effect universe is made up of different races of beings, our world is made up of diverse and unique cultures and languages. When the Protheans in Mass Effect attempted to enslave all the races in their time to defeat their enemies, they failed to grasp that unity is both a strength and weakness. When their enemies figured out their strategy and overcame it, the Protheans were defeated. It is the same with our church. Our world does not need one super-mega-ultra church model and strategy. There is not one form of worship that is demanded of all the world. That would be a very inspiring organization to look at, but it would also be one that Satan could easily corrupt and defeat. God, who created our world's diversity, intends His church to reflect it. We should enjoy the unique expressions each culture gives to the teachings of Christ. Different songs, different ways of gathering, and different emphasis in the way that they appear to the outside world. Morality and belief's should be consistent, but consistency in those areas does not demand precision in worship.In Revelation God has worshipers from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We shouldn't think that they are all singing the same Chris Tomlin tune. Diversity is strength...diversity is beauty. Our unity is in Christ's redemptive work, not our form of worship.

Choices Matter

Having played through three consecutive games, my choices from long ago are beginning to have HUGE consequences. Some consequences were foreseen, others were not. Some are helping me greatly, others are costing me dearly. People I chose to save are showing up after 3 years in the Mass Effect world, some trying to kill me, and some saving my life. Sexuality, traumatic events, and actions expressed out of intense anger can follow a person for ages in this life. We can't simply let go of things we did in a moment of foolishness decades ago...they mark us like tattoos and scars. They won't fully heal until God redeems the world in the last days. Make careful choices. Remember that God's way is the best way for reasons you cannot yet see.

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