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The State of the American Pulpit

Since being here at Dallas Theological Seminary and sitting under the instruction of some great men of God, I've realized that many of the things that I have heard preached from the pulpit and in the Sunday School classroom have not been Biblical. They may have been wise sayings...or great stories...or examples of what Joseph did, or Abraham did, or Jesus did...but they are not what the text of the Bible was trying to communicate to us.

I fear for the many things I have said and believed under the flag of "the Bible says"...and for the state of our pulpits today...since I have grown up in conservative congregations most of my life. One-line promises of God come to mind as well: "for I know the plans I have for you..." etc.

The truth is that the clarity of the Word of God is clear...and it can be heard in great pulpits all across the nation...but that it is one of many voices searching for an audience among the increasingly varied perceptions of religion in the USA. Our focus and our concern should not be so much for the politics of our nation, or the leader of our nation, as it is with the state of the church in the world today. We must step up and become the volunteers, the lay leaders, and the pastors that our nations needs in the future. YOU are needed. YOU have a critical role to fill that involves MUCH, MUCH more than being a Sunday morning greeter...

In closing, I want to cite an extremist example of the misuse of Scriptures. This unnamed pastor deserves no more attention that what he receives here and in a previous I won't even mention his name. But here he is using his limited Biblical knowledge, sincerely trying to use the teachings of "the real Bible" (KJV) to prove his ridiculous point that the NIV Bible is demonic. His is a case of pride, misdirection, and passion for God. I pray that our future is at the other extreme from such a person.

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