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The First Service of Prestonwood Dallas: Glory to God!

This past Sunday was the first ever service for the Prestonwood Dallas church campus. Despite spending the week assembling furniture, cleaning rooms, and setting up the sanctuary--activities that culminated in the carpet install finishing at 5am Sunday morning--we were ready for 2,000 guests at 10am on Sunday. And the best part: God was ready to welcome those 2,000 guests.

God has been at work setting up this new church for months now, pointing us to the facility, reaching people in the area with the desire to encounter Him through the church, and equipping people to serve as ushers, greeters, media coordinators, worshippers, pastors, and children's ministers. Everything from the carpet to the sermon ultimately got its start in His initiative. Stacy and I were simply thrilled to be a part of it, and to feel the Holy Spirit at work in that place. Stacy and I have been growing alongside everyone else during this process--I spent the morning of the first service overwhelmed by my own personal encounters with Him--God had something for all of us that day.

Many months of new beginnings lie ahead for us in this new facility, and if you are looking for a church home in the North Dallas area, please join us! We would love to host you, and God would love to encounter you here...

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