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Preaching Again…The Reality of Rewards

So I find myself preaching once again, and to tell the truth, its still a lot harder than it looks!

I've had practice, I have evaluations, and yet, it requires more and more and more. Preaching is like learning to drive a car with a manual transmission: you can get the basics down with a little bit of practice, but to really get good, you need to log some hours in the car. Let's face it, until you have some practice, you will get from point A to point B, but the car ride will be less than smooth.

That being said, I have two sermons to preach this semester: Eternal Rewards for Believers, and Responding to Disaster. The first one has been posted below: my outline, my manuscript, and the audio from my presentation. In it, I work to answer some common questions: Are we really going to be rewarded in heaven? Should I be motivated by rewards? Aren't rewards manipulative?

Sermon Texts and Explanation (Exegesis)

Sermon (Preaching) Outline

Sermon Manuscript (Full Text)

Sermon Audio

I hope you enjoy won't be super smooth, but I hope it will be informative and challenging!

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