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Reframing the Arab World as our greatest missions opportunity…

A recent article in the DTS magazine, Kindred Spirit (Summer 2009), talks about God's heart for the Arab people. Due to our long experience in warfare with this part of Europe, it's natural for us as Americans to look through the lens of our hurt at these people. We've even made the mistake of misinterpreting the comments that God makes in the Scriptures about these people...and believe them to be God's enemies. However, this is truly not the case!

We must choose to open our eyes and see that sending missionaries to the Arab world may very well be the greatest influence we can have on the future. Muslim populations throughout Europe are rapidly becoming the dominant demographic of the land, within a few generations, they will hold majority influence over the policies and resources of nations like Great Britain, France, and Italy. If change will happen, it has to happen now. We have a choice, convince Christian Europeans to have 18 kids each, or start reaching the Muslim/Arab world.

Read my notes below on Reshaping the American view of Ishmael:

The God who chose Abraham and closed Sarah's womb, blessed Hagar with pregnancy.

Four of Israel's twelve tribes were born through maidservants.

Hagar is told to return to Abraham's household to be underneath his instruction (18:19)

Ishmael is named by God - "God listens" reminding Hagar that God hears the cries of the afflicted.

Ishmael is said to become "a wild donkey of a man"

Meaning that he will freely roam in the desert, describing the nomadism that characterized Ishmael and his line. This lifestyle would result in a perpetual struggle with each other and with others, due to their lack of a legal system/social order.

"will dwell in the presence of his brethren"

Having been pushed away from 'the presence' of Sarah, Hagar finds her condition is reversed in the promise of a son who will always be inside the Abrahamic circle and will dwell 'in the presence' of all his brethren.

A challenge to Isaac's descendants, reminding them that faith and not mere blood relationship.

The proximity would present a potential within the line of Ishmael to participate in Israel's blessings.

Job, Agur, Lemuel, and probably the magi are just a few examples of His grace working through Ishmael's children in biblical history.

~ Isa 60:6-7

Dr. Tony Maalouf - Arabs in the Shadow of Israel: The Unfolding of God's Prophetic Plan for Ishmael's Line

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