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My Church is moving into the city of Dallas!

Prestonwood Baptist Church announced this week that it plans to purchase an existing church campus inside the city of Dallas and open it as a third church campus this fall. Am I excited? YES!!! And here’s why planting a new campus is good for us…

“There are two reasons to plant a new campus: Reaching Unreached People for Christ and Mobilizing Existing Church Members in Ministry” ~ Jack Graham, Pastor

Our campus in Plano is filling up, opening a new campus in Dallas will free up seats in that location as well—challenging all our members to get out into their communities and reach people who need to come to church. It’s a good challenge when 2,000 of your members live closer to the new campus than the current one—hopefully that means we’ll have a lot of people inviting coworkers and neighbors that otherwise wouldn’t make the long drive.

Closer means more people in ministry too. Stacy and I love our church, but we have a hard time making the drive to Plano during the week to serve. We serve instead at ministries at school and here in our local area. We’re excited about having a campus close enough to minister at more often, and a lot of open needs that our members can help fill. We’re never closer to God than when we get the opportunity to serve others!

Aren’t there enough churches in Dallas? “How many ants does it take to eat an elephant?” Keep in mind that Prestonwood does not want anyone to join us from other churches…our goal is to fill our seats with unchurched people…and there are too many unchurched people in any area of Dallas for one church to reach. We are working with the other churches to reach people—we believe that more churches means synergy in their efforts, and a more fruitful harvest for all.

Reaching the lost means reaching the nations AND reaching our neighbors. A Dallas campus gives us an opportunity to fund more than our own comforts. We get to focus our expenses on greater evangelism locally.

Next stop, an area of greater need: South Dallas. Keep us in your prayers.

Our Movement seems good to the Holy Spirit and also to us. We have had a heart to do more in the city of Dallas for a while. Many members have had this in their prayers for a long time. Hundreds drove past the building to look and pray. We’re leaping at the opportunity. Why? God has placed it on our hearts. The desire to minister is definitely the predominant motivation here. We are not primarily motivated by a desire to expand, look bigger, or get more tithers—although these things are certainly attractive and exciting to some of us.

Our opportunity to buy this building is a win-win situation that the Holy Spirit seems to have driven to us. The church that owns it currently is not fading away—the building has become a financial burden to them, and they want to move somewhere else. We didn’t find the building, and we didn’t offer them pennies on the dollar for it. We are sending them away with the money they need to start afresh, and we are getting a facility that fits our needs for a third campus.

The church’s location will be off Hillcrest Rd, just south of the LBJ/635 Loop in North Dallas.

Pastor Graham’s announcement is here if you would like to watch.

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