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Another Reason Why Ministers Need to Immerse Themselves in Culture

The world is changing so's almost unthinkable to attempt to consider the future. A huge number of children will solve problems and work in jobs that do not even exist today... This begs the question, how should we seek to prepare leaders of the future church???

Watch this video, then have a look at my suggestions below.

My suggestions:
1. Teach them to accurately interpret the Word of God, and create a foundational center of information where the people of the world can go to find a trustworthy source of those interpretations. Because the word of God does not change, and if we can give people the universal principles of the Word of God, they can apply it effectively.

2. Make the major task of the church to train up leaders of character and effectiveness for future generations. If our main task as a church is leadership development, then one thing is for certain: We will multiply our influence, rather than see it diminish. We cannot simply judge our progress on our own performance. The acid test of our lives should be that we ensured that more people would carry our work on after we've passed away.

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