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The Not-So-Amazing Spiderman (Movie Review)

I'm behind on many movies since Eli came along, and just recently got to experience the second installment of the new Spiderman movie...which was a total disappointment to me. I am still in love with the geeky, awkward, cartoonish Spiderman that the original trilogy portrayed, and here's a little of why I don't like the new one.

Shallow Characters:
Harry Osbourne, Max, Gwen Stacy - wow. Can we get more oneliners, more cheesy moments, and more unrealistic acting than this? Why does Harry Osbourne die in a matter of days when his dad lived so long? Why does he need and inject the spider venom the moment he finds it? Can't he be more prepared and threatening than a wimpy kid?

Max - This guy is the ultimate creeper. He has no social skills or personality. He's not even a cool bad guy. he looks stupid after his transformation, and his ability to shoot electricity is wasted. so many better things they could have done with the action scenes on that.  Find some better candidates.

Gwen Stacy - the tipping point in her relationship is the words "I Love You"? We've already established that. No one debates it. Geez people, let's spend a moment on the fact that she can't listen to her father's warning. That she's an emotional, lovesick, silly girl who dies because Peter Parker is not willing to let her go. Not to mention that this simply adds noise to the other storylines in this movie. Also, why is it that she is the one who has all the answers in this movie so conveniently? She knows who Max is. How to reset the power grid. How to keep Peter's web shooters from overloading. Really?

Peter Parker - Why does Spiderman fight crime except because it's fun? Shouldn't he have a better reason than simply to be a hero because he likes to beat up bad guys and be in the spotlight. What a crappy hero. The spiderman I like had deeper convictions than that.

Over the top, Unrealistic Action:
Why is a tow truck running over cars, stealing plutonium at the beginning of this movie?
Why does Spiderman leave the car chase where countless people are dying to save Max?
Why the elaborate plane scene where Peter's parents are killed?
Why does Peter's dad have an underground, elaborate, secret lab that Oscorp or the city of New York doesn't know about?
How can Gwen Stacy simply switch the power back on when Electro and Spiderman have just destroyed half of the grid?

Stupid Pivotal Moments and Key Themes:
Why does Peter suddenly feel better about his parents based on a short little video about his dad's experiments?
Why does Peter get over Gwen by listening to her speech? It's nice and relevant, yes.
Gwen dies from an impact to her head? Realistic yes, but there are a thousand other ways that would have been more romantic to die.

Bring back the old Spiderman, who fought and struggled with the responsibility that his gifts burdened him with.
Bring back the geek who fought to express himself to a woman he saw value in when no one else did.
Bring back the villan who was power hungry and cunning and deadly.
Bring back the Harry Osbourne who was sly enough to destroy Peter's romance and kill his heart before trying to take his life.
And bring back the action that was slightly unrealistic, but still had a great deal of drama and emotion to them I mean when the goblin almost killed Peter in Spiderman 1...spitting blood and sheer luck. Now that was amazing! That was a high schooler fighting for his life!

If that's not enough, watch this movie rack up cinema sins:

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Sermon #7: The Stability to Live Boldly – Psalm 125

Last semester I struggled and struggled over the proper selection of classes for my final months at Dallas Theological Seminary. After much deliberation, I find that this semester I will be giving three sermons in preparation for life after graduation.While I have no intention of spending hours and hours of time in preparation for speaking every Sunday morning, I know that speaking is part of my future in many respects...and I want to be able to communicate effectively at those times. I've come a long way already, since sermon #1, and I hope you find that this message is engaging and challenging to listen to.

As always, I have shared my outlines and manuscript below as well. This message is one I want to share, not one I wish to keep for my own exclusive purposes. Feel free to use the material without need to give me credit in any way.

The great advantage to the extensive preparation required in giving a sermon is that God gets to do some in-depth work on my heart. This sermon really hit home on my own struggles at the present time. It is given by a graduating seminary student, to graduating seminary students. It is my hope that you'll find a way to apply it to your own life as well. As the Psalmist says, (1) to see God as your wall of protection, giving your life incredible stability, (2) to trust that God will not allow the righteous to be oppressed for long, and (3) to live in expectation that God is actively at work securing your life.

In short, "God gives us the stability to live boldly!" Live Boldly!

Click below for:

Sermon Outlines - Exegesis of the Text

Sermon Manuscript (Full text of my sermon)

Sermon Audio


Moses in the Modern Day (Video on Technology)

What would the exodus look like in today's world, check it out:


How to Fix Your Computer (Humor)

Finally, one diagram reveals all the intricacies of computer assistance! Oh, how true this is…

From: The Oatmeal Blog

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How Technology has changed in 100 years…

When I was growing up, my Dad drove an IBM van filled with belts, tools, hoses, compressed air cans, and other mysterious computer parts…he spent a lot of time fixing moving parts inside of computers for the technology company.

Today he drives a car without many parts, and spends more time in front of the computer screen than inside the computer’s guts…a lot has changed in his world in the past two decades.

IBM has put in the extra effort to show us just how much has changed…in its 100 year history. If you want to see things change at the rate of technology, take 13 minutes to watch this video: