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Understanding the book of Proverbs

One of my biggest reasons for surfing the blogosphere is to find help in understanding and communicating the truth of Scripture. For that reason, I am forced to sift through the confusing, the poorly written, and the 'attempting to sound like an expert' posts of others on a daily basis. In all my searching, I occasionally run across the authentic, the deeply-thoughtful, and the extremely helpful. Today I need to share one such treasure of posts with you.

I spent the last semester preaching passages from the book of Proverbs for class. I found the process of study and communication deeply challenging, and deeply humbling. I realized just how ignorant I really am regarding the book of Proverbs, along with many other books of the Old Testament. So when Soveriegn Grace Ministries posted a guide on understanding Proverbs based on their summer sermon series on the book, I was ecstatic. Links to books, charts, and sermons on the subject are priceless treasures for me.

I hope you will join me in appreciating the fruit of their labors, even if you just take time to download and listen to the first sermon. Resources are here. the first sermon is here.

Thanks Sovereign Grace!!!

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