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My New Bible: A Historical Journey through the Word of God

020682After a year of intense reading, going through the pages of Scripture at a breakneck pace, I've decided to make sure my personal study of the Bible this coming year becomes much more thoughtful and interesting. Along those lines, I have sought out a Bible that boldly reorganizes the passages of Scripture so that I can read the different books along the lines of history.

After some initial disappointment over the lack of Chronological Bibles available, I stumbled upon a gem by Thomas Nelson. Full color pages, integrated discussions on parallel secular historical events, and beautiful illustrations drew me into the great resource, and I highly recommend that you take a moment to look at it yourself at

I also need to mention that in my opinion, Chronological Bible Reading Plans are an insufficient solution. There are a lot of them, both electronic and print, but they do not do justice to the experience I am looking for, for the following reasons:

  1. They do not help me understand where the events of the Bible fit into the events of the surrounding world and cultures.
  2. They don't provide any commentary on how the passages they put together sometimes I do not know why I'm reading two passages on the same day.
  3. It's not easy to follow reading plans...not as easy as simply picking up a single book and reading straight through it.
  4. A physical Bible allows me to write notes, and go back to a single book for later reference, and surf through the historical organization of the text by flipping through pages.

In the end, if you are a serious Christian looking for a great new experience in reading the Word of God, add this to your library. I plan on having it as a constant companion over the next few years, as a testimony to another read through the entire Bible, and as a reference for my library for future ministry.

Thanks Thomas Nelson Publishers! I know that this Bible project was not cheap, free from criticism, or easy. It's a HUGE accomplishment and one that deserves a lot more appreciation than it has been given. For my part, I love it!

Buy it cheap at Christian

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