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This past year I have had the unique privilege of following Jesus in a moment by moment ministry experience like no other. Three times daily, I get an update on His activity, as if He was really here on earth living out His final year of ministry on the earth. It is exciting to think of Him in this way, both according to the activities the Bible records and in terms of the lifestyle of a Jewish carpenter/Rabbi from Galilee.

If you need a unique experience to really make your Easter season intriguing, then I implore you to consider "Spending a Year with Jesus." I can ensure you that the experience will be eye opening. No lies, the only thing you'll have to consider is whether it is worth $36 for an entire year. Cash in a tiny part of that tax return you're itching to spend, and change your life!

Dan Pfeifer is a mobile messaging and email application built by the most diligent of people, my fellow student at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dan Pfeifer. He's worked hard to portray Jesus in a way that honors the Biblical text and inspires Jesus followers. He's a world-class web developer that truly respects your privacy.

The experience starts March 17th.

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