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Bible Study Part 4: A Few Good Resources

I mentioned my general disappointment with the Bible Study resources in a past post, and I want to come back around and add a few recent discoveries that have positively impacted my study. I hope that that following sites peak your interest, and possibly add momentum to your time with God.

Language Tools:
If you only speak English, one of the most profitable things you can do is read from various translations. If you are a multi-lingual individual, I definitely suggest that you read from non-English translations as well. My favorite translations are the New American Standard Bible, and the New Century Version. The first is VERY accurate to the reading of the original language, the second is a paraphrase intended to be readable to children. Bible reading sites are very prevalent:,,, etc. My favorite one is currently, which has over 90 multi-lingual translations, and also makes an interlinear view available.

If you are a student of the original languages, I also recommend that you utilize online tools. I find the Greek view of to be very helpful in my study--but am most impressed by John Dyer's readers bible, where you can customized the view to provide only the elements of the text that you need to read successfully.

Bible Reading Plans:
Both online and offline, I am also a huge fan of Bible reading plans. My wife and I are currently following the plans available through, so that we can keep each other accountable to reading through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice this year. However, online reading guides are a dime a dozen, so take your pick. Most sites even provide the option to have your daily reading emailed to you, or send via RSS feed.

Bible Study Tools:
In addition to these tools, I suggest that you consider using one of a few different approaches to Bible study:

  • Chronological reading of the Bible
  • Topical studies in the Bible
  • Character Studies on Biblical Characters
  • Parallel reading of the Bible's four gospel accounts

Here again, shines with great resources and views for all of these.

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