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Bible Study Part 3: Bibleworks and the Greek Text

In my first post, I tore down a number of electronic Bible study tools saying they were inadequate for the task. I still wholeheartidly believe that you are better off utilizing a church library or pastor's commentary collection that using the current software that's available out there.

However, if you are studying the original language of the Bible from a knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, than there is no greater resource available than good software. Two programs stand out among the crowd: Bibleworks (for PC) and Accordance (for Mac). While I am not well-versed in either program, I find it incredibly helpful to be able to define works by simply scrolling over them in any translation I use in Bibleworks.

Brandon Johnson, who has had more experience with Bibleworks, has shared his thoughts here. I'll refer you to that summary for now, and return with my own evaluation sometime. Don't forget to view his pdf example, here.

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