Journeyman Project Dispatches from the Life of Patrick Fowler: Christianity Explored

About Me

I am just a country boy from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where I grew up attending a public school, playing soccer, and being a part of a traditional, loving family. After high school I moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where I attended Liberty University and earned a business marketing degree. Liberty is also where I met my wife, Stacy, and where I first began to understand and serve in a small group community. After graduation, we spent a few years in Atlanta, Georgia working professionally and serving at North Point Community Church. In 2008, we moved to Dallas, Texas so that I could study to take on a greater role in ministry. Stacy and I spent four amazing years in Dallas, learning skills for ministry, serving at our church home, and making great friends.

The past 10 years of living my faith have been littered with incredible experiences. I've been mentored by VP's, done ministry in some remote parts of Europe, led development and design teams in India, and designed websites and resources that people see every day. It's been exhausting, it's been thrilling, and it's been fun—never more fun, however, than when I've used my talents to minister to others.

I love to see people’s lives change more than anything else, and I’ve learned that Life change happens most often in small groups. I'm a student who's two main desires are to collect the thoughts and passions of the world into life principles I can share, and to expand the impact of the body of Christ to that world. And experience has taught me that both are best done in authentic communities of people, large and small.

I'm here to contribute and learn more about how to make the church’s impact everything it can be. My prayer for us all is "May God grant us the wisdom to lead and multiply life change through authentic community."

It took me a while to learn life’s greatest lesson, but it has changed everything for me: knowing Jesus infuses everything I do and everything I am with joy and purpose. Now, my life is about discovering and living out that purpose day by day, and about helping other learn and apply the same lesson that has made my life so amazing!